Sunday, May 28, 2006

Incompetence of Gospel Critics

My mother recently read the book "Christ the Lord" by Anne Rice and asked me to read the author's notes at the end which described the author's story. Anne Rice was originally a Roman Catholic who left the church, married an atheist and spent most of her life until 1998 in liberal circles. After returning to the church she began researching to write this book (a fictional novel of Christ as a young boy).

She explains that she started out with and spent a great amount of time reading scholarly works from critics of the gospels. She describes how incompetent and unconvincing their works were. Of the 'scholarly' works coming from the liberal circles who seek to marginalize the gospels and therefore Christianity she writes:

I discovered in this field some of the worst and most biased scholarship I'd ever read.

My sentiments exactly. I've done quite a bit of reading myself on this very topic. In fact, I've said it before and I'll say it again, when I feel like I need reassurance of my faith, I read the works of the critics.

She goes on to point out another very interesting thought that I haven't heard many people talk about. The fact that a startling number (not all) of these critics are so transparently full of contempt for Christ that it is almost a testimony to the falsity of their work. She points out that even scholars of a historical villain or criminal rarely if ever show any sort of disdain for their subject. In fact many times, they may very well provide excuses for why he did the things he did! It is clear in many of these cases that they have a deep personal bias and dislike for Christ.

I have seen this myself while reading and have wondered about the very same things. How could a man who lived 2000 years ago beckon everyone to either love him or hate him? It is clear how some could hate a current political figure or even one in recent history. But while a scholar may not have liked even Hitler for example, it seems intuitive to me that most historical works on him would be much closer to impartiality than those written of Christ by His critics. At least the 'jeers' and 'outright contempt' would be much move cleverly hidden.

None of this is of course proof of His divinity or even authenticity. But it sure does make me raise an eyebrow and it should make you raise one too.

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