Thursday, June 29, 2006

Christianity as an Answer to Life

We spoke about the power of God today in RCIA and the sanctity of human life. The speaker told a moving story about his child that was recently born brain dead. It was really sobering and a good reminder to why Christ came to Earth. One of the most fundamental truths of life that every human alive knows is that something major is wrong. The injustice of life, the suffering of the innocent, the shortcomings in our own lives, the malice of our enemies, the betrayal by even our friends, the heartbreaks the disappointments and the mistakes... we call these things life simply because we know that they will take place. But somewhere deep inside we all know that these things shouldn't happen and that these things are not reflective of the intended world. Something has gone terribly wrong.

The atheist who rejects God on the premise of "bad things happen to good people therefore there is no God" unwittingly admits the fact that his own heart testifies to this truth. Something major is wrong in the world! Without God, nothing is wrong. With wrong there has to be a God. It's very intrinsic in our nature to know something is wrong and therefore very intrinsic to know God is real. God has made us all theists by nature. Some of us have chosen a different path.

Thats the beauty of Christianity. It makes incredibly bold claims at having the ability to not only put a bandaid over the wounds, but to fix the wounds of life so thoroughly that it will be as if they had never happened! If you consider Christianity and all it claims, you will realize that it is quite bold indeed. A popular Christian hymn goes like this:

"How marvelous, how wonderful and my song shall ever be: How marvelous, how wonderful is my Savior's love for me."

What better words are there to describe the absolute beauty of a religion that so adequately answers every single one of life's problems? Consider for a moment the possibility that Christianity is true... How marvelous would it be? How wonderful would it be? I asked an atheist friend one time, "why are you so against eternal life?" he said, "I would love eternal life. I just don't believe that it's going to happen." We musn't take it for granted. We must realize the absolute power of the message we bring to the world (as Christians). We make promises that are unparalleled in any other religion. We promise the answer to every question in life. We promise the vengeance (maybe not in the way hoped for) against every injustice. We promise the balance for every uneven scale of life. We promise to somehow, by some unconceivable method, make everything right. There will be no regrets for those who fear God. Even the smallest injustice we have suffered will be made right! That is the extent to which Christianity promises answers. Faith is the acceptance of these promises. Grace is the means given to us by which we may have faith.

For those who don't believe: just imagine for a moment, if you are able, that everything Christianity says is 100% true. Now realize the consequences of that belief. Realize that every wrong is certainly going to be made right. Think of your own life and your own sufferings. What would it be worth to you?

For those who do believe: don't forget how radical your faith is.

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