Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pro Life Fetus Speaks Out Against Abortion

I found this link on Jimmy Akin's blog. But I was moved when I saw it and I really wonder how heartless you have to be to be 'pro-choice' when you can see a face & life behind the (attempted) murder.

This fetus speaks out against abortion (the adult fetus) I am of course mis-using the word to prove a point. These ridiculous attempts at 'de-humanizing' the infant in the mother's womb (by calling it a fetus) are nothing more than semantics. The child is a human child regardless of what you call it. If you don't kill it, its gonna be just like you one day.

Much to Planned Parenthood's dismay, this fetus survived and how ironic that it did indeed turn out to be a human instead of a lump of tissue... It's really a moving story about this woman and I hope it opens some eyes out there.

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