Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Soviet Style Misrepresentation of Facts

With the big government bias in some of these 'research' studies on smoking I think we'd make Stalin proud at our attempts to regulate everything under the sun.

Second-hand smoke kills people and the only way to control it is to ban all smoking in workplaces, the U.S. government's top doctor said on Tuesday.

Get the full load of crap here. Now, even assuming for an irrational moment that this study had one ounce of credibility to it, it still wouldn't justify banning smoking in every workplace! The big government types just love using tobacco, education and the environment as excuses for the government to get its dirty little (inefficient) paws into everything. Its sad to see this coming from the attorney generals office when a Republican is running the show.

Now before I go any further let me just make it clear: Im not a smoker (I quit about 3 months ago) and I don't really consider myself a Republican either (hey with Republicans like these in office who needs Democrats).

Keep in mind that common sense can sometimes be the best judge of research. If someone came to me and told me that a new research study was conducted and they found that the average American male was 7'3" tall, I'd say - don't bother showing me the data, I know that the study is bogus. If Harvard conducted a study which found that the average 4 year old child weighed 100 pounds, I'd say the same thing. Of course, Id believe either of those studies before I'd believe this bs coming from the surgeon general.

Heres the common sense spelled out:

Breathing in car exhaust will kill you within a matter of minutes, yet smokers can easily spend an hour or more every day directly inhaling tobacco smoke with the intention of getting as much into their lungs as possible... they can do this for decades before it kills them (not to mention that most smokers don't even get lung cancer and the majority of smokers die from causes unrelated to cigarettes). Anyone can plainly see that tobacco smoke is no where near as dangerous as the exhaust from cars. Yet I doubt anyone could argue against the fact that the average person is subject to a comparable amount of second hand car exhaust as they are second hand smoke (especially this day in age where its so regulated).

So how can anyone believe that second smoke causes anything but an absolutely infinitesimal amount of increased cancer risk? If second hand smoke posed any real threat to our health at all, we'd all be dead anyway because of the amount of second hand car exhaust which is far more deadly.

In Japan, the adult male smoking rate is almost 50%, yet at the same time they have the highest longevity in the world! Maybe their other habits are so healthy that they make up for it? I doubt it. (Even if so that would only mean that healthy eating / lifestyle habits could quite easily negate the harmful effects of smoking and I'm sure the commies over at wouldn't like that alternative either). Of course facts like these raise legitimate doubt even about the amount of risk associated with smoking itself... how much more second hand smoke!

If you'll watch the people who are so religiously antagonistic towards tobacco, its interesting to notice that they are nearly all godless liberals. Coincidence? Hardly. (While they claim to have no religion they have enough zeal for their cause to make a Trappist monk blush with shame). By nature, people are moral creatures. When you have no legitimate moral framework (i. e. you're a liberal) you have a strong tendency to invent some kind of morality that you can 'fight' for. Thus you end up with tree-huggers, PETA, tobacco haters, big oil haters, big business haters, big government........ lovers (hmmmm........) The point being, all of these invented moral causes are so plainly transparent its hard to comprehend how anyone could adhere to them and honestly fail to see the pretension of their lifestyle.

(This is like posting a road sign in brail, the only people who will understand what I'm about to say don't need to hear it and those who need to understand it still wont understand it even after hearing it) I'm not advocating smoking. Now that I'm no longer a smoker I usually prefer going to a non smoking place to eat. I'm glad my workplace isnt smoky. But this study and those like it from liberal non profits like the American Cancer Society havent the slightest resemblance of impartiality to them. So don't be fooled.


Mike Hernon said...

the only thing harmfull about second hand smoke is the annoyance it causes to non smokers who are so inconsiderate that they dont want people to "contaminate" "their" air

Mike Hernon
(non-smoker for over a year)

Anonymous said...

Where is the government report on "hydrogenated oils" that are in most foods that have been proven to cause cancer and other serious health problems, yet the FDA doesn't seem to mind (as long as the "food" has a longer shelf life there isn't a problem, right... RIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT)? Where is the government report that our milk and dairy products are tainted with bi-products of steroids and other unnatural supplements fed and inserted into the animals we get them from? Where is the government report on the harmful effects on all of the pesticides and chemicals used on the produce that the average citizen buys at the supermarket? (Oh wait, last summer Porter Goss, former CIA director, said in an interview that he and his wife owned an organic farm in Virginia because of the "bad stuff" in the produce and nutrition facts in the supermarket... hopefully I'll be able to find that for you later. Does that count as a government report?)

What about a government report on the cancer causing effects of second-hand car exhaust (like Tim mentioned)? What about a government report on cancer causing radiation from just about every single electroic we own today? What about a government report on the adverse effect working with little or no vacation has on one's mental and physical health?

The fact is, there is an abundance of things that can increase the chances that we all die sooner. I agree that second hand smoke is probably the least of our worries.

Joe (non-smoker for over three years)