Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The World's Double Standard

It goes without saying that no movie studio would have the guts to produce a "Da Vinci Code"-like movie that attacked Islam or Judaism or any other religion. Of course, it has always been Christianity that stood at enmity with the world and always will.

Why is it that Christianity comes under more attack (by far) than all the other religions combined when Christianity (again by far) has done more good in the world than all other religions combined? Why is it that the world and the Hollywood elite refuse to attack Islam in anyway (and in many cases even defend it) while they have no qualms about insulting, in the most perverse way, anything Christian?

If there were ever any questions about a double standard before, we can safely put those questions to rest.

California has allowed public schools to offer a class on becoming a Muslim.

Now why do I for some reason doubt that the ACLU is going to have any big problems with this? Where is the public outcry? Give me a break. The left are nothing but frauds.

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