Saturday, July 15, 2006

Annual Charlotte Japanese Festival (Bon Odori)

Every year, the Japanese Association of Charlotte puts on a huge Japanese festival. This occurs around the beginning of August which is the traditional date for this Japanese holiday of Buddhist origins. It's called a Bon Festival or Bon Odori (Odori means dance). Despite the relatively small Japanese population in Charlotte, apparently Charlotte's festival happens to be one of the largest in the United States.

In previous years, I have found that the publicity for this event has been very lacking so I have decided to use my blog to help. This post will (most likely) end up on google so at least if anyone is searching for it they can find it. I had to find out through a Japanese friend this year when it was going to be. So here is the information:

The 2006 Charlotte Bon Odori Festival will be held on Saturday, August 5th 2006 at the Wachovia Atrium located downtown: 435 S. Tryon St. I believe it will start around 11 am. They'll have lots of Japanese food from various vendors, Japanese beer, games, raffle prizes, cheap Japanese books and lots of other stuff (including music & dancing). Its a lot of fun and I'd recommend everyone (even if you're not interested in Japanese culture) to come.

Also, in the unlikely event that anyone is interested, here is my new Japanese blog.


motty said...

hello, I am a beginner learner of English.I got your blog adress at paltalk. I did not get all of conversation but I had a happy time.I will come again. thank you.

Mark said...

The festival was quite nice this year. Bon was the firt festival I got to see when I moved to Okinawa for 3 years as a teenager after Mom married a Marine.

Did you attend?

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Yes I did it was nice but I didnt get to stay as long as I had hoped because I was on lunch break. I did get some nice Japanese books though and some good yakisoba.

Sonoda said...

Hey :) I read your blog and I wanted to know more info about this one this year. I too was at last year's :D but if the time and place is the same as last year's then thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just for FYI The Japanese Bon Odori festival is Saturday August 4th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
at the Wachovia Atrium Plaza 301 South Tryon Street.
(Not Merchandise mart, like one year/ without notice due to Wachovia construction)

There is Sushi, shaved ice, Japanese snacks, rice cakes, used books, also some chinese food.

Outside there are Japanese games.
Events include:
Drum performance
Dance performance
Green Tea tasting
folks dressed in Japanese clothes
And in the past there have been martial arts demonstrations (not sure about this year)

The admission is free / there are five dollar raffle tickets that can be purchased the prize being international air fare tickets.

And there was a booth where you could dress up in Japanese clothes and get a snapshot.