Friday, July 07, 2006

Back From Camping

Just got back from camping. It was pretty fun even though lots of things didn't go as planned (like spending 2 hours trying to get the camper unhitched from my truck after breaking the pin in the jack, singing my hair lighting the pilot light and then having a flat tire on the way home).

Above you can see the view outside my camper.

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday night I went to "Singing In the Smokies" where my uncle Matt sings with The Inspirations. Monday we played soccer in a park in Bryson City and then had a picnic lunch on Deep Creek. The campground had a cookout that night. Tuesday we hiked up the mountain (about a mile) and saw a couple waterfalls. That night at the singing, Mike & I got front row seats for The Chuckwagon Gang when it was starting to rain and people had vacated the front row. We figured it was worth getting wet but then it started pouring and it was cold rain!

The picture to the left is when the storm was approaching and most people were getting up to move under the shelter except for me and Mike who didnt have enough sense to do so.

The singing was great.

Wednesday we went to Cherokee and lost a bunch of money at the casino. I was surprised how quickly you could go through money. We also went through a bunch of the litte tourist shops they had there. Even though they all sell pretty much the same stuff you'd never buy for some reason we just had to go into each one.

That night we caught, cleaned and cooked our dinner.

Aside from that, we went to deep creek to watch the tubers crash. Then we went to a flea market and some music stores. We also went to the craft center in Cherokee. It was all a lot of fun. Can't wait for next year.

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