Thursday, July 13, 2006

Elected Morons

I thought it was funny by sadly appropriate when Michael Williams, on his blog, called our legistlatures retards but then apologized to the mentally retarded for grouping them in with our legistlatures. This article using the same liberal line 'you can't impose your morality on me' reminded me of this phenomenon. It literally boggles my mind how stupid some of these people are.

Part of this can be explained however by taking a look at another one of my posts which explained my theory that introverts have the upper hand in life's important issues because they are adept at using their brain while extraverts (even if they're smart) are pretty helpless when it comes to clear thought. Politicians probably tend to be extraverts in order to gain the popularity needed to be succesful at their trade. This would explain their... handicap at thinking.

I still chuckle every time I remember the 2000 presidential election debate between Al Gore & George W Bush. Al Gore wanted to make a point about caring about the enviornment. He said "In my faith tradition...we have a saying... wherever are the things you treasure, there your heart shall be also"... I was baffled by his utter ignorace of the meaning of that passage. In that passage Jesus is giving us clear instructions NOT to have our treasures on earth which is precicely the opposite of what Gore was saying it meant. To this day it remains one of the all time dumbest things I've ever heard in my life and I had to think to myself, how can one of the top runners for the most powerful position in the world be such an idiot? And Bush is no genius either... I'm just making the point that politicians may be idiots because they're winning popularity contests and not actually qualifying for the positions.

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