Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Full of Grace

I dont know why Catholics make such a big deal about this verse. This discussion on Cor ad cor loquitur made me start thinking about it again. I found the argument tedious and largely useless as the Catholic is trying to insist (as Catholics always do) that the term MUST be rendered 'full of grace.' Now any honest person who is fluent in English (forget Greek) knows that the term 'full of grace' isnt that important. Why? Because "Full of grace" doesnt mean "immaculate conception" or else we'd call it the doctrine of "being full of grace".

Further proof of this is found in the fact is that the Douay-Rheims Bible (based on the Latin Vulgate) also translates Acts 6:8 the same way in reference to St. Stephen:

And Stephen, full of grace and fortitude, did great wonders and signs among the people.

1. If "Full of grace" is as important of a rendering as most Catholics insist, then it must have some intrinsic meaning inseparably linked with 'immaculate conception'.

2. If 1 is true then Stephen must also be 'immaculately conceived' since he was full of grace.

3. If the phrase 'full of grace' doesn't mean 'immaculately conceived' in Acts 6:8 then neither does it implicitly state it in Luke 1:28

Now of course I'm just arguing out of the English. The Greek translated in both Luke and Acts have the same root word (what we would translate as grace) but are in different forms and I certianly don't have enough Greek knowledge to argue about the correct translation from the Greek. But those who do apparently agree with me since the majority of translations (including all the top translations) either

A. Translate both as 'full of grace'
B. Translate Luke as something other than 'full of grace'

I'm not denying the doctrine of immaculate conception. I accept it on the Church's authority. But its time for Catholics to cut the bs and admit that this doctrine is 100% extra biblical. (Meaning it is not taught in Scripture not that it is contradictory to Scripture. More on this subject to follow)

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