Saturday, July 15, 2006

Liberal Hypocrisy

Welcome to today's episode of Liberal Hypocrisy. Last time, we heard from the racist reverend Jesse Jackson and the liberals in the media propagating their racist agenda.

Here are some recent headlines that continue to expose liberals for the frauds that they are:

Britain insists that Catholic Charities must be
discriminated against because they discriminate. Read the article here. This is similar to the recent US case. Catholic charities feel they have the right to their own beliefs (novel concept I know) and do not wish to fund or support causes which are unambiguously opposed to the teachings of the Catholic church. Now what about this is so difficult for liberals to comprehend?

Gay pride in the Holy Land? Thats the plan.
"Chief Rabbi calls on Pope to denounce Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem" good idea Rabbi. I hope the Pope listens.

The majority of city council members - 24 out of 31 - have signed a petition against the parade. A poll indicates that only 12 percent of citizens support the gay rally and that 69 percent oppose it.

The people dont want it, yet we cant have the majority discriminating against the minority can we? Instead we should have the minority imposing their opinions on the majority. (Thats what liberals believe anyhow) Here's the full story.

In Illinois, a Catholic citizen's group is calling for the removal of one hateful liberal from a taxpayer funded 'anti-hate commission'. Anti-Hate commission? What a freakin joke! Knowing full well that probably every member on that pathetic board is probably a liberal who hates every pure thing immaginable. Oh the hypocrisy. Here's the scoop.

Well enough of hypocrisy...How about good ole fashioned 'the world's going to hell in a handbasket' headlines:

New UN agency proposed to promote women's rights

Yea thats what the world needs! Give me a break.

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