Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Margaret Sanger and Abortion's Legacy Of Evil

I stumbled across this article about Margaret Sanger and thought I'd pass it along for what it's worth. I'm not sure how much of that article is true. Im sure much of it is (maybe all of it). You don't have to be a priest to realize that the moral degeneracy of Margaret Sanger (feminist founder of Planned Parenthood) easily ranks with such recognizable names as Hitler and Stalin. After reading that article though, if even 25% of it is true a sane person may be wondering if she wasn't even worse.

For now, lets stick to the facts about her that even the liberals will agree with. This article from Time Magazine praises Sanger as a heroine for all she had done for the sake of birth control, fornication and abortion. Listen to this quote:

Sanger led by example. Her brave and joyous life included fulfilling work, three children, two husbands, many lovers and an international network of friends and colleagues.

So she was basically a promiscuous whore who advocated the murdering of children, free and confidential fornication, and the use of contraception (opposing the teachings of the Church) for the sole purpose of promiscuity without consequence. (At that time STDs weren't an issue like they are today) Wow. Sounds like a philanthropic heroine to me...With saintly women like these who needs mother Theresa?

Now of course she was an atheist and very anti-Catholic (what fellowship can light have with darkness) so this kind of degenerate behavior is to be expected. And indeed, at least it is consistent with her world view as was Nietzsche's. The problem with both of these people is that neither contributed anything positive to the world. In Margaret Sanger's case, she has been an indirect cause of countless deaths and the enabling heroine of more promiscuity than probably any other single person in history. Of course all of that is fine if Christianity isn't true. But if Christianity is true then well... somone's in trouble. The irony about her and atheists like her, is that if her cosmology is true (atheism) then it really just didn't matter anyway and all her work was more or less in vain.

I feel pity for the author of that Time article. (I'm being serious) Its really sad to see someone whose world view is so corrupted that they are never right about anything. Most people are on the right side of most issues. But there are those liberals who have been so thoroughly corrupted by liberalism and the lie that originally began in the garden of Eden, that they are pretty much wrong about every single issue in life. Proverbs refers to these people as "fools" lest you think that the Bible doesnt stereotype or categorize people.

Its interesting that in this and other liberal sources, Margaret Sanger's controversial views on eugenics are quite transparently downplayed. The liberals like to bring out points like 'oh she didn't like Hitler because she said such and such about his view on X". So she wasnt a Nazi who cares? She was an avowed Socialist, feminist, abortionist, promiscuous atheist....hell how much worse can you get? But to be honest I'm not really interested in her views on eugenics but its clear that she had plenty of views on the subject that would be shameful to say the least for all the folks over at Planned Parenthood if exposed.

The main reason I brought all this up was to expose Planned Parenthood for the rotten organization it is. Its also interesting that if you look at all the heroes and heroines of Liberalism, Atheism, Humanism, and Naturalism you end up with a list like this (in no particular order):

Margaret Sanger
Adolf Hitler
Frederick Nietzsche
Karl Marx

(And this is the BEST of. Im not pulling a list to try and make them look bad. ) Now the heroes and heroines of the Christian faith would be far far far too many to name. (You'd be hard pressed to find too many more well known atheists than the list above but if I were to start writing the heroes of Christianity blogger would crash because of lack of hard drive space)... So let's be fair to the 'little guy' and I'll only pick 4 Christian heroes (in no particular order) and I have no reservations in saying that each one of these made much greater contributions to society than all 4 of the above combined:

Mother Theresa
Rev. Billy Graham
Saint Paul
Saint Nicholas

Folks dont give Planned Parenthood an ounce of credibility.


I wanted to make one thing clear about this post. It may appear that Im simply bashing this woman and trying to paint her as the most evil person that ever lived. I am not. Neither am I condemning her (though Im certainly condemning her ideals). I hope she is in heaven as I write this. (I hope everyone goes to heaven). But her teachings and her behavior, though they are certainly appealing to human nature, only lead to evil and suffering never to good. That is why they are dangerous and should be exposed for what they are.

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