Monday, July 17, 2006

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen To Us?

Martin Luther may well be the father of modern anti-semitism. Well I hope one day they consider me the father of 'anti sentimentalism' because I hate that stuff. I've already laid the smack down on such heresies as the rejection of the Real Presence, Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura but now I'd like to start opening a can of whoop ass on this flagrant sentimentalism so rampant in the Christian world today. Its gonna take a handful of posts to do so and this one may be a slight anamoly from the rest.

It's gonna sound a little cold when I say this and most people wont like it because they're living in their 'sentimental world'. But I hear people offering encouragements to others like "just remember everything that happens to you must first filter through the hands of a loving God". Well to Joe Schmoe emotionalist (didn't know that was a word... thank you spell check) this sentence sounds reasonable...even ...wise. Again, this is gonna sound cold but: that sentence doesnt make me feel any better.

You know some pretty bad things have happened to various people over the centuries. The holocaust filtered through His hands, every war crime in history did, all the martyrs who were tortured to death were allowed this death by God etc... etc... Right now as I write this, someone is being raped and will later be murdered. I dont really want any of these things to happen to me. Why am I so much better than all these others that these things wouldnt happen to me? The pretentious emotionalist unwittingly thinks in her mind "God loves me too much to let those things happen to me" as if God loved her more than others.

What gives me assurance and helps me sleep at night without worrying what dreadful torture or unspeakable cruelty is going to occur to me tomorrow is not the fact that I am a servant of a good God, but rather: the law of averages. Simple statistics. Thats right, you heard me. Horrible things only happen to a minority of the population. Winning the lottery also only happens to a minority of the population. I might be equally as likely to win the jackpot as I am to be burned to death. And if I shouldnt be any more likely to have something great happen to me (like winning the lottery) because I serve God (which Im sure we'll all agree to) then I shouldnt consider myself any less likely to have something bad happen to me for the same reason.

So next time you get worried or fear for your own sake, whip out a calculator and realize things will work out just fine (probably).

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