Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Decline of The West

I just read this interesting interview of the director of the Center of Studies on New Religions regarding the moral decline of post-Christianity Europe. America is following close behind the liberal decay we see in Europe. I forget who brought up the point but one of the most ironic things about the liberal movement is that (for example) these women protesting in favor of abortion are actually making it less and less likely that their daughters will be awarded the same 'freedom of speech' rights. This moral decay found in abortion, euthenasia and breakdown of the family are only leading to Western civilization slowly killing itself off.

The fact that children are not born is not only an economic but a moral and religious problem, and it is the sign of a terrible crisis of hope. Without hope, a civilization dies.

The moral crisis is also confirmed with the practice and legislation on subjects such as marriage and adoption by homosexual couples, euthanasia in Holland and experimentation with embryos.

Now I'm not saying Eastern culture is bad. There are good things in other cultures as well. But lets face it: the West is the only thing standing between freedom and Islamo-fascism. So the point above about abortion is that these feminists for example are only adding to the chances that their daughters will be brought up under "Sharia Law".

The interview also brought up an interesting point about each person's "religious capital".

Introvigne: According to a school of sociology born in the United States, that of religious economy, each one of us has a "religious capital" which is made up of beliefs acquired in our youth of which, even after a rejection or estrangement something remains from which one cannot be easily separated.

It's a quick read & I'd recommend it.

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