Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Catholic Church Maintains Its Integrity

Over it's 2000 year history, one of the strongest evidences for the authenticity and authority of the Catholic Church is it's maintained level of conservative values. Previously, I posted on how I believe that the size & level of unity in the Church also attests to this fact. This current point is akin to that one but slightly different.

If you look at any institution down through history including governments, fraternal orders, clubs, (other churches) etc… you will find invariably that over time through corruption, they tend to become more and more liberal. Such is the state of fallen man. There is always a fight between the conservatives of any organization to maintain it’s integrity and the liberals who want to destroy it.

While this fight in many ways is certainly occurring within the Catholic Church (For example liberal Catholics who were disappointed when a conservative pope was chosen), the conservatives seem to be winning. The church is 2,000 years old and while it has had some bad moments in history, it is undeniable that it has bounced back and maintains the same level of integrity and conservative values that it did at the time of it’s foundation. A close examining of the early church father documents will reveal that they unanimously write in agreement with current church teaching. We will get into more of these areas later, but assuming this statement is true, I consider this very strong evidence for the Catholic Church.

Look, for example, at America’s government. Has it maintained it’s level of conservative values since it’s founding? It has almost entirely abandoned it after only a couple hundred years! Look at Luther’s church or Calvin’s church. Are they still unified in the original, conservative doctrine taught by their founders? There are small remnants who remain fairly faithful; yet their church has now splintered into a thousand disagreeing factions. Look at the mainline evangelical churches that have almost entirely abandoned historic Christianity...

The strength of this point lies in this: We can look at what the early church believed through their numerous writings and the Catholic Church still believes those very things today. The Protestant church , of course, still believes much of it, but now rejects certain points that have always been taught by the faithful. Take for example: baptism. We know for certain that the early church allowed both pouring and immersion because the earliest documents we have available on the subject clearly say so(1). Yet Baptists reject sprinkling as invalid (as if the Baptist church had any claim to authority). Of course, not all Protestants believe that particular view but this is just an example.

And of course, the Catholic Church continues to be arguably the most conservative Christian Church on the planet. (Conservative in it's true meaning) For example : none of the Protestant Churches still stand with the Church on Christianity's long standing prohibition of contraception. Even the Protestants all agreed with the Church on this issue until around 1930 when (wouldn't you guess it) the Anglicans again led the way to this liberal permission of contraception now common to all branches of Christianity except it's original Church. And the funny thing about Fundamentalists is... that there's nothing fundamental about them! All of their beliefs (like dispensationalism, KJV only, immersion only baptism, rejection of infant baptism etc...) are very young beliefs!

I conclude that this is strong evidence for the case of the Catholic Church. It stands out among not only other churches, but among all the greatest of mankind’s institutions as a firm and unwavering beacon of truth throughout the ages. This to me, clearly testifies of the working of the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Islam: Religion of Evil

I don't hate Muslims but I do hate Islam. This religion has done nothing but harm for the world since its founding. I hope and pray for the conversion of Muslims.

People need to stop using the term "Radical Muslim". Radical muslims dont scare me a bit. Those who have differed from the original path of Islam are fine by me. Those are the ones in European nations saying "dont hate Islam we're a religion of peace".. Those who practice peace are radical Muslims. Those who are fundamental and propagate hate, ignroance and violence like their founder Mohammed are the normal Muslims and those are our enemies. Not "radical" muslims. This becomes more and more evident with the recent childish outcry from the hypocritical Muslim community. See this story for example.

Where was the public Islamic outcry at 9/11? Where was their outcry when innocent civilians were beheaded in the name of Allah? No their outcry comes when the Pope says violence is evil and Islam shouldnt be doing it... Islam's hypocrisy and transparent lies rival those of the American left (no wonder the liberals love Islam so much!)

Realize friends that Islam has no missionaries and never spends money on proseltyizing. Since their founding they have only spread in two ways : 1 violence & 2 reproduction. Christianity doesnt have a spotless past but Christianity has remained consistent to it's teaching. Yes the crusades involved violence but once again Islam was the aggressor. Christianity was merely defending land that was originally Christian before Islam invaded. And on top of that, Christianity remains peaceful today! Yes Islam always has and always will be a violent and evil religion. People need to wake up and get out of denial.

This link shows that Muslims are not only hypocrites but also stupid.

So how do Muslims respond to accusations that they are violent? By shouting "we're not violent" and then using violence to prove that they're not..... mmhmm.. Muslims recently bombed 2 Christian churches... But again they show their ignorance by bombing Orthodox and Anglican Churches (neither of which subject to the Roman Pontiff) in response to the Pope's remarks!

You shall know them by their fruits: All of the following violence (just in very recent news) is by Muslims.. I'd like to see you try to come up with a list like this from any other religion:

West Bank churches attacked after Pope remarks

Yemen sets bounty on militants after failed attacks

Iraqi forces find 47 more bodies around Baghdad

U.S. soldier missing in Iraq after blast

Study: About 200,000 killed in Darfur

Yemen probes failed oil-site attacks

And without links from the associated press:

Bomb explodes near bus station in southwestern Pakistan, 5 killed, 21 wounded

16 killed near U.S. Embassy in Kabul's worst suicide bombing since fall of the Taliban

Four bomb explosions in Baghdad kill 14, wound 45

Islamic militant sentenced to 8 years for 2005 Bali bombings

Rights group says Sudan bombing civilians in Darfur

Two more suspects charged over alleged plot to bomb U.S.-bound airliners

Danish police charge 7 men with allegedly preparing explosives for terror attack

More than 30 bodies found across Baghdad

U.S. military says 2 Marines, 4 soldiers have died in Iraq

4 Afghans, 1 NATO soldier killed in Kabul car bombing, says NATO

Bomb ruptures gas pipeline in southwest Pakistan, cutting supplies to thousands

Two U.S. Marines die in Anbar, two soldiers killed in Baghdad explosion

Bomb explodes in tea garden in southeast Turkey, killing 2 and wounding 7

British police arrest 16 suspects in anti-terror raids

Al-Qaida believed to be plotting attacks in Egypt's Sinai resorts, security official says

Bomb hits oil pipeline south of Baghdad

British soldier killed in southern Afghanistan, district chief assassinated

Mourners gather two years after deadly Beslan school seizure

Violence uproots Shiites and Sunnis, threatening to divide the capital for generations

Yea... All this is in the last two weeks... Yet the media keeps calling these guys the radicals of the religion? Do you hear any Muslim leaders decrying this violence that happens continuously? Are there any clerics out there preaching peace and preaching an end to this madness to their people? Hell no. Religion of peace my ass.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


This woman won a million dollars in the lottery twice. This is the second time Ive read about this happening and reminds me of 2 things: 1. I believe that life truly works different for different people & 2. just because something is highly improbable doesnt mean that it didn't happen.

My brother wins stuff. Just about every time theres a raffle, he wins. Once when I was 8 years old, I won 10 cents by twisting the cap off of a 20 oz soda. I remember that to this day since thats pretty much the only thing Ive ever won. Once I attended a banquet of around 300 people with my friend. There was a raffle in which everyone present had exactly one ticket (you received it at the door). They were about to call the winner and he leaned over to me and said "I'm going to win it" and wouldnt you know he did. Someone like me would never say that (because I never win). Did he win because he was positive? Or is he optimistic about it because he's used to winning. I find it quite hard to believe that there isnt such thing as luck. Some people are prone to win others arent. Call it whatever you want.

Secondly, many creationists (especially) like to use arguments based on the rationale "this occurance is so improbable that it couldnt have happened". But highly improbable things happen all the time. How often does a 1 in a million occurance happen? If you have one million numbers and pick a random number... what are the chances that you will pick 246? 1 in a million but the probability that you will make a 'one in a million pick' is 100%. According to the above article that woman's chances were 1 in 3,669,120,000,000. So if researches 100 years from now had nothing else to go on and were looking back through history to determine if this woman really won the lottery twice, one of the participants may very well say "Well the chances of her winning it twice are one in 3.7 trillion so we can safely say she didn't win it twice" but he would be wrong...she did win it twice.

With all that said, of course I do believe in Creation and I reject evolution but not on the basis of improbability (rather on what I see as impossibility combined with utter lack of evidence) but that is a different discussion altogether.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Back From The Philippines

I have returned and will resume posting as soon as I'm a little more situted and not so confused as to what day it is. In the mean time here is a good read:

Victims of rape and incest struggle to be heard, say studies show abortion is not the answer