Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Catholic Church Maintains Its Integrity

Over it's 2000 year history, one of the strongest evidences for the authenticity and authority of the Catholic Church is it's maintained level of conservative values. Previously, I posted on how I believe that the size & level of unity in the Church also attests to this fact. This current point is akin to that one but slightly different.

If you look at any institution down through history including governments, fraternal orders, clubs, (other churches) etc… you will find invariably that over time through corruption, they tend to become more and more liberal. Such is the state of fallen man. There is always a fight between the conservatives of any organization to maintain it’s integrity and the liberals who want to destroy it.

While this fight in many ways is certainly occurring within the Catholic Church (For example liberal Catholics who were disappointed when a conservative pope was chosen), the conservatives seem to be winning. The church is 2,000 years old and while it has had some bad moments in history, it is undeniable that it has bounced back and maintains the same level of integrity and conservative values that it did at the time of it’s foundation. A close examining of the early church father documents will reveal that they unanimously write in agreement with current church teaching. We will get into more of these areas later, but assuming this statement is true, I consider this very strong evidence for the Catholic Church.

Look, for example, at America’s government. Has it maintained it’s level of conservative values since it’s founding? It has almost entirely abandoned it after only a couple hundred years! Look at Luther’s church or Calvin’s church. Are they still unified in the original, conservative doctrine taught by their founders? There are small remnants who remain fairly faithful; yet their church has now splintered into a thousand disagreeing factions. Look at the mainline evangelical churches that have almost entirely abandoned historic Christianity...

The strength of this point lies in this: We can look at what the early church believed through their numerous writings and the Catholic Church still believes those very things today. The Protestant church , of course, still believes much of it, but now rejects certain points that have always been taught by the faithful. Take for example: baptism. We know for certain that the early church allowed both pouring and immersion because the earliest documents we have available on the subject clearly say so(1). Yet Baptists reject sprinkling as invalid (as if the Baptist church had any claim to authority). Of course, not all Protestants believe that particular view but this is just an example.

And of course, the Catholic Church continues to be arguably the most conservative Christian Church on the planet. (Conservative in it's true meaning) For example : none of the Protestant Churches still stand with the Church on Christianity's long standing prohibition of contraception. Even the Protestants all agreed with the Church on this issue until around 1930 when (wouldn't you guess it) the Anglicans again led the way to this liberal permission of contraception now common to all branches of Christianity except it's original Church. And the funny thing about Fundamentalists is... that there's nothing fundamental about them! All of their beliefs (like dispensationalism, KJV only, immersion only baptism, rejection of infant baptism etc...) are very young beliefs!

I conclude that this is strong evidence for the case of the Catholic Church. It stands out among not only other churches, but among all the greatest of mankind’s institutions as a firm and unwavering beacon of truth throughout the ages. This to me, clearly testifies of the working of the Holy Spirit.

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