Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Corruption In North Carolina Politics

I try not to be too political with my blog but sometimes I just feel the need to expose the left wing for the frauds they are. Here is an excert from a recent email I received from Robert Pittenger the president of the Foundation for NC Future.

Any one who has lived west of Durham for any period of time accepts the reality that eastern North Carolina receives a disproportionate amount of state spending. Whether it’s right or wrong, we understand that is the way it works and that Piedmont and Western North Carolina’s roads, outerbelts, flood repairs (Hurricane Floyd), courts, etc., needs seem to be met at a much slower pace than those from the east.


The kicker here is that while we may accept the reality of state spending favoring eastern North Carolina, we really have no idea as to how egregious the allocation gap really is.

Here is a comparison of a small chunk of the recent pork barrel spending in North Carolina:

Western NC
$ 2,020,000

Piedmont, NC
$ 8,508,500

Eastern NC
$ 46,189,991

For those of you who live outside of North Carolina, it should be noted that NC's two largest metro areas (Charlotte & Greensboro-Winston Salem) are in the Piedmont area. Mike Easley, Jim Black & all the other corrupt NC politicians need to be voted out of office. Enough pork already! (But it's especially appalling to see how biased Raleigh is against the Piedmont).

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