Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sola Fide Smack Down Part 4

This is a followup to my previous posts on the subject: Part 1 Part 2 & Part 3

I came across this quote from St. Irenaeus' famous work "Adversus Haereses" or "Against Heresies"(1):

Wherefore also they maintain that good works are necessary to us, for that otherwise it is impossible we should be saved. But as to themselves, they hold that they shall be entirely and undoubtedly saved, not by means of conduct, but because they are spiritual by nature.

Isn't it just a bit disturbing how closely the modern day evangelical belief of Sola Fide resembles the early heresy of gnosticism? The gnostics believed that neither action nor obedience were necessary because they were 'spiritual by nature'. Protestants believe the same thing but for a different reason. They insist that action is not required because they "believe". Even as St. James clearly and unequivocally explained that this is a grave mistake, they continue to believe and teach it. Somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that St. Irenaeus would have a word or two to say to the Protestant Church if he were still alive today...

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