Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Move to the Suburbs?

The Charlotte Observer (formerly owned by Knight Rider) is just another mainstream liberal newspaper. It linked to this blog post that I felt compelled to refute.

It’s conventional wisdom that families move to the suburbs to get cheaper housing.

Sure that's part of the reason but only a small part of it. A bigger reason is to get away from the crime in the city and yet another is to get away from taxes. Liberals don't want to admit either of those. They don't want to admit that their policy of (to quote Jesse Jackson) "educate not incarcerate" is a miserable failure. They don't want to admit that every time liberals like (Mecklenburg County's own) Parks Helms & Pam Syfert open their mouth the only words that come out are "let's raise taxes".

I, like many other middle class white Americans who still live in the city, have plans to move to another county and possible another state (South Carolina). Although it may be true that I can find marginally cheaper housing in some cases (and in some cases much more expensive housing) the price of the housing never entered my mind. My top reasons are #1 to escape the crime & #2 to escape the taxes.

Charlotte Observer linked to her post not because it contained anything worthy of news, but because it aided their liberal propaganda. They think government's job is to think for the people. Conservatives think that the goverment's job is to serve the people. These liberals want everyone to have a compact car (or none) and live in a cubicle in a densely populated urban setting. They want to spend more on arts than on crime prevention & defense. They want to waste money on mass transit programs that don't work. (Then they waste even more money than they told you they would!) Why don't they just move to Canada...

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