Saturday, November 04, 2006

The American Left: A Culture in Love With Death

In the same way that being pro-choice isn't about protecting women's rights, the debate on embryonic stem cell research has nothing to do with looking for cures.

This article on Catholic Education points out an interesting fact that the recent breakthrough in stem cell research went mostly unnoticed in the liberal media. Why? Because it was (as virtually all substantial findings are) extracted from non-embryonic stem cells. Why would the liberals ignore this? It's because if the truth gets out - that it is not necessary to take life in order to do research and in fact... the methods in which life is not taken have so far proven to be far more effective, then they might lose public support for their cause. But if it's known not to be effective, then why do they care if they lose support? The left is a culture in love with death. Everything liberals stand for is evil. Every good thing, they despise. Now not every joe schmoe liberal is evil. Some of them are just stupid.

Every conservative and every Catholic and every Christian ought to be aware of the battle that is taking place. Everyone should do their part to maintain the integrity of society. Don't get your news from liberals like Katie Couric. Don't watch the 'big 3 networks' or CNN. Thats the beauty of the internet, the people can get the news they want. No need to have liberals tell you how Israel is evil, Embryonic Stem cell research is going to cure cancer, Bush caused Katrina, Islam is a religion of peace, Catholics are a bunch of bigots & oh yea... we need to raise taxes! Instead, get the news you want from a reliable source.. There are plenty out there.

If you are Catholic, I recommend checking out the site Its a customizable home page like myyahoo but it already has several good Catholic feeds built in. I haven't even customized mine.

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