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Pagan Practices In Christianity

It seems that the critics are at it again "Christianity borrowed from Pagan sources"... I've stumbled across some more junk with internet skeptics thinking they've become scholars somehow since they know how to design a web site. Unfortunately many of these sites with terrible research and even worse logic rank very high with google. So I'm gonna try to get into the habbit of linking only to good sites.

Here's a decent one:

Here's a terrible one: +html

This has not always been the case however. Christians didn't use the cross as their religious symbol for many generations after Christ was crucified. Rather than being a Christian symbol it had associations with executioners.
Try reading Tertullian who wrote only a few generations after Christ (and long before Constantine):
At every forward step and movement, at every going in and out, when we put on our clothes and all the ordinary actions of everyday life, we trace the sign
So it's clear that the cross was never viewed with disdain. It has always been a strong symbol for Christianity and has always represented to us the victory which Christ won at Calvary. Oh, that quote isn't old enough for you? How bout St. Paul the apostle, shortly after Christ died:
May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ(1)
Seems like Paul has some affection for it huh. Later the author goes on to explain the origins of clothing....then the fact that pagans wore robes... and then... *gasp* Christian priests also wear robes!!! Don't you see the connection?!
Since there are Crusading 'Christians' who kill people, sincerely believing they are doing God's work whilst ignoring a basic Commandment "Thou shalt not kill", it is not surprising that most Christians ignore another: "Thou shalt not make to thee any graven image" (Jews and Muslims have similar laws about murder and idolatry.)
Where to begin... First, the first line is very misleading and contains only a fraction of truth in it. Yes there have been a few isolated incidents of some fanatics disobeying Christian teaching and claiming to still be Christian but this has always been condemned by the Church. And the commandment is 'thou shalt not murder' since in many other commandments we have been commanded to kill. (Its beneficial to actually read the Law before commenting on it). So no, Christians do not ignore the first. As for the second, no one - including the Jews has ever understood that law as a complete prohibition against images of any kind. The Jews fashioned graven images in the construction of both the temple and the ark of the covenant. If you continue reading the law you'll discover the intention of the Law.
Just as milk seems to taste better from a glass than from a ceramic cup, so a prayer feels better if we use special words. But if those words are only from a prayer book and not from the heart, then it is not a prayer.
This is like taking candy from a baby... Just because something is written down doesn't mean that the one who reads it cannot heartily agree with it. It's like saying that musicians playing sheet music aren't creating true music. Further more, when Christ was asked how we should pray, He didn't say "just say whatever comes to your heart" but instead He gave us specific words to pray.
Even Amen, the very last word in the Bible, most probably has Pagan roots.
Again... same old stuff over and over from every single one of these skeptics. They offer verifiable sources for the information which is well known and accepted by everyone (such as the fact above that the very last word in the Bible is amen... but no one is contesting that) interestingly enough there is no source for the statement in general. How is it probably from Pagan sources? He lists no reason why any of us should believe that. We all know the Jews used it as well. In fact, he even has an image of the word amen in Hebrew. The OT is one of the oldest manuscripts in existence. If some religion came before that and used the word amen there certainly is no record of it..

Theres some other stuff on the site but none of it was worth even bothering with (as if any of the above was).

Here are some pro-Catholic links on the subject:

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Tree said...

Please any bible is written by man and not God and we know men can never be trusted even priest as we know by the child abuse cases reported. even Buddism was created by the powers incharge to control the populas and christianity is no different otherwise it wouldn't be allowed to have such an impact on people lives otherwise. Sorry I feel for you all but have you read the bible it is full of war and hate you'd think satan had written it himself and if I was Satan thats what I would do. When you go to church you pray to man 666 not god you only have to lift a stone and I will be there you don't need priests to worship you need nature gods creation not man made false idols. We ban all religions they cause nothing but war and devide. my god believes we are all her children and having male dominated religion created by man to control us especially women has caused all this pain and hate. I believe in love and send you all love and light and I hope you see sense soon because thing are changing your judgement will come and you will find out that the bible is lies except the book of revalations. They are telling you you are worshing the wrong thing and you will be punished read the bible with an open heart and you will realise how wrong you have been. Bless you all search for the truth x