Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pray for the Safety of the Pope

Obviously all things are in God's hands. But the Pope's upcoming trip to Turkey is a big deal I think whether you're Catholic or not. It could be a major world event if something were to happen. Pray for his safety and for peace between the two religions of Islam & Christianity. Though there is no apology - Islam is a false religion. We still need to practice peace and love towards them.

AsiaNews service reports that a group of demonstrators has taken over the Hagia Sophia, one of the sites that the Pope is scheduled to visit in Istanbul. The protestors reportedly fear that Pope Benedict would pray in the building, which was once a Christian basilica, then a mosque, and is now of museum.
Heaven forbid that the Pope would pray in a building you stole from Christianity in one of your many violent conquests. The best thing Islam could do for its own credibility would be to strongly denounce this kind of behavior (not to mention the violence that occurs daily). Hopefully the religion will progress to a point where it can do that sometime soon. Until then, pray for the safety of the Pope and all those who's lives are threatened by this kind of evil.

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