Monday, November 13, 2006

Pro Choice - Rudy Giuliani Running For President?

Giuliani is apparently "taking steps towards a 2008 bid". Giuliani claims to be a Catholic yet like the previous Cathoic fraud who ran for President (John Kerry) he is pro abortion, pro "gay rights" and pro stem cell research.

I use the term pro abortion because I'm tired of all the liberal semantics trying to downplay the depravity of their 'values' or lack thereof. Pro choice? God is pro choice thats why He gave us free will. He just wants us to make the right choice. Choose life. So called "pro choice" liberals aren't truly pro choice. They are pro wrong choice. They are pro death. One has only to look at the proactive behavior of groups like Planned Parenthood and how they make every effort to encourage more abortions. Its repulsive to any true Christian especially Catholics.

If you are not pro life, you are not Catholic. Period. If you are un willing even in ideology to defend the helpless and the innocent you are not Christian. If you call yourself a Catholic & a Republican yet have views like Giuliani, what does that say about your true character? Here is a man who goes against what his party believes in (in general terms) and unequivocally denies one of the core values of the faith he supposedly adheres to. Whether you are pro choice or not its clear that this is not a man fit for presidency.

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