Saturday, December 09, 2006

Evolution And DNA Similarity

This article on Science Daily explains that we humans are "more different than we thought".. Uh huh.. More different than YOU thought. Once again science is finally starting to catch up with common sense.

New research shows that at least 10 percent of genes in the human population can vary in the number of copies of DNA sequences they contain--a finding that alters current thinking that the DNA of any two humans is 99.9 percent similar in content and identity.
Anyone can look at two humans and understand that insofar as DNA is related to the final product, there is more than .1% difference!!! 10 percent still sounds low to me but its much more reasonable.

Kind of puts a damper on the whole "ape & human DNA are 95% similar" theory huh... But again, basic common sense... it doesnt take a genius to figure out there is more than 5% variation between apes & humans. Like I've always said "there's more than 5% variation between humans let alone humans & apes" and apparently scientific evidence is finally starting to catch up with what common sense would have told them in the first place....

I know the Catholic Church is very tolerant of the theory of evolution. I really dont know how though. Maybe someone can explain it to me but the whole concept is really not registering for me how there could have been death before the fall of man. That would also require thousands if not millions of (99.99%) humans without souls who died. They would have been able to reason and communicate very well. Death before the fall doesnt make sense to me. (Throw on top of this what I see as lack of evidence and a scientific community with a strong bias and bad track record.... you end up getting a non-believer like me)...

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