Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finally a Police Sting Operation that Benefits the Public

I get so irritated when I hear of all the money being dumped into police sting operations to catch retail clerks selling alcohol or tobacco products to minors. Now don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not advocating the selling of these substances to kids but the money could be better spent elsewhere. I'd much rather have some random 17 year old buy a pack of cigarettes than to have my home broken into or my car stolen. And if a 20 year old gets a case of budweiser, I'll get over it.

Well finally the police in my city seem to be doing something about it. Police in Charlotte have started setting up a 'bait' car in order to catch car thieves. I've been saying they should to this for years!.

CMPD has purchased a car- that looks like any other car- but it's not. The vehicle is equipped with a silent alarm that alerts police when someone is tampering with the vehicle. It tells police when the door has opened and when someone tries to start the engine. Police can remotely disable the car and lock the doors to trap the thief until police arrive.
Next on the list they need to have a decoy house set up. But the problem is none of this means anything or helps society out at all unless the criminals are actually locked up. In Charlotte we have such a lack of funding for DAs and prison space that our crime is really becoming a problem. Of course, this is tied up with the corruption in NC politics I have already mentioned a couple times before.

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