Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jewish Catholic Relations

In light of the recent article in Newseek passively bashing the Catholic religion written by a Jewish professor, I was pleased to find this one in which "Salvation is from the Jews" author Roy H. Schoeman (a convert to Catholicism from Judaism) was interviewed by

Prior to my conversion, the central misconceptions I held about the Catholic Church was, of course, that it was in fundamental theological error, a misguided, naïve illegitimate offshoot of the true Judaism. I saw Catholics as misguided followers of a false Messiah engaging in a host of childish and superstitious practices.
I recommend reading the whole interview if you have the time. Merry Christmas.


Jeff Miller said...

I recommend reading his book if you haven't already. It is full of excellent information and information on the Messiah and the view of modern Jews on the subject.

The book also includes his conversion story which is quite fascinating.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

I haven't but it looks great. I'll check it out thanks.