Friday, December 15, 2006

Jim Black's Betrayal of Mecklenburg County

Once again I try to stay away from politics but people need to hear this. This is a letter from Robert Pittenger. If you don't live in North Carolina, it's not going to be of interest to you.

To the Editor:
There are some additional facts that I would like to submit related to the December 14, 2006 article, "Dems Scurry to Pick Speaker". UNC Charlotte is among the lowest in funding (2nd from the bottom with $5,959/UNCC FTE – (Full Time Equivalent) versus $7,734/state average FTE) in the 16 campus UNC System. Also, you should consider the overwhelming construction funding for Chapel Hill, Eastern Carolina and other campuses.

CPCC is ranked lowest in FTE funding among the 58 community colleges, while it is the largest in size with over 70,000 students. Mecklenburg County has 10% of the court cases in the state with only 7.5% of state funding for the judicial system. Mecklenburg County receives only $.70 on the $1.00 from gas tax revenue sent from Mecklenburg to the State for transportation needs and ranks 71st per capita of the 100 counties in transportation funding - clearly not equitable as it relates to traffic count. From the 1999 $1 billion Clean Water Trust Fund “rate of return” disbursement, Mecklenburg is ranked 70th of 100 counties.

No, I don't believe that Mecklenburg County, as the economic engine of North Carolina, has received its fair share during Speaker Black’s eight year tenure. We remain a major donor county to the rest of the state.

Robert Pittenger
State Senate-District 39

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