Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pray For the Great Orthodox Faiths to be Re United

It was encouraging to read this article passed along by a friend. I think it is important to pray for Orthodoxy and a return to more orthodox traditions within the Catholic Church as well as the re-uniting of the two great orthodox faiths - Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox.

"In the liturgy, we are reminded of the need to reach unity in faith as well as in prayer," the patriarch said in his homily.

"Therefore, we kneel in humility and repentance before the living God and Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose precious name we bear and yet at the same time whose seamless garment we have divided," the patriarch told the pope and other members of the congregation.

"We confess in sorrow that we are not yet able to celebrate the holy sacraments in unity," Patriarch Bartholomew said. "And we pray that the day may come when this sacramental unity will be realized in its fullness."


Chad Toney said...

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Anonymous said...

God bless from a Christ following believer. Dont agree with everything but dont want to argue about the truth in Gods word with someone who already knows the Lord, when I can be witnessing to the lost. But I'll be prayin for you.