Saturday, January 27, 2007

Catholics Are Helping the Left Wing Media

I don't know, maybe it was just sheer coincidence that the anti-war protest in DC got full national coverage and they somehow missed the pro-life rally last Monday. But I have my suspicions.

And if all those "Catholics" out there would spend as much energy protesting abortion as they do protesting and complaining about Iraq and about poor Saddam being hanged, hell it might be illegal by now.

But no, many continue to focus on issues of far less moral evil (thousands of guilty terrorists being killed during times of war versus millions of innocent children being murdered by mothers with malicious aforethought) and on this flawed basis continue to vote these evil politicians into office.

Every word spoken against Iraq, against Bush, against Saddam (whether its theologically correct or not) is nothing but aid and comfort to the enemies of the Church.

As a Catholic, you may be against the war because you think there are other ways to protect America from suicide bombers without using force; fine. Its very legitimate to be against the war. What's not legitimate is to focus any amount of effort on stopping the war, protesting it, trash talking Bush or the war effort as a Catholic while we continue to murder our children right here on our own soil.

Did you protest the Kosovo conflict? Did you blog about the moral evils of that war? Did you nod in agreement as you read media reports of how many soldiers we're losing there daily and how its a hopeless lost cause? No? Whats that? You dont have any clue about Kosovo? Oh thats right, because a democrat was president at the time and the media was on his side. Well if you need an education about the war, why don't you ask my Serbian friend who's mother and grandmother were killed when Muslims (whom we aided) raided the hospital where they worked. I'm sure she would have some insight about that war that the media conveniently forgot to publish (just like they forgot to publish the pro-life protest on Monday).

Again, I'm not taking a stand one way or another on the war. All I know is, Im just not too damn worried about Saddam when children are surviving abortion and being murdered in cold blood by doctors here in America and it's legal. And any one voting for politicians on the platform of pulling out of Iraq is also voting for the same corrupt politicians who are fighting to not only keep abortion legal but to make it more accessible and less restrictive. Its no coincidence that the same politicians crying about the war are the same ones actively promoting abortion almost without exception.

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