Monday, January 01, 2007

Chicago Police Baffled at What Motivated Crime

The investigation is going full swing up in the windy city to find out whether the recent shooting at the "Gay House" was a hate crime or a love crime.

CHICAGO, Jan. 1 (UPI) -- Chicago police said a shooting at a south side home known as the "Gay House" may have been a hate crime.
Really?! Is that so? This kind of stuff really makes me sick. It's a terrible tragedy the whole situation but whats almost as bad is the whole notion of a 'hate crime'.

This morning I woke up to a woman being interviewed on a local radio station where her boyfriend had murdered her 3 year old son a couple years ago. The man was sentenced to 20 - 24 months in prison because of a plea bargain and lack of DA funding in Charlotte. This situation is hardly unique. But because they were the same race, same gender, same sexual orientation etc... we can't call it a hate crime. It must have been a love crime. Thats why he got off so easy...

So if you're thinking of murdering someone, make sure you're doing it out of love so you don't get slammed for a "hate crime". Namely, just make sure the person you're murdering is either A) in the same racial, gender, sexual preference, religious class as you or even easier B) make sure they're a heterosexual white Christian male and then we'll all know you did it out of love instead of hate.


Tiber Jumper said...

Love crime!!
Now that's a twist he he!

Johnny Vino said...

amen brother

In America, we don't "legislate morality", but we can somehow legally distinguish hate.

brain hurts... need beer...