Sunday, January 28, 2007

Episcopal Diocese Wisely Trying to Leave the American Epsicopal Church

Hats off to the bishop of this California Episcopal diocese for having the sense to push for abandoning the American Episcopal Church (which has long since abandoned historic Christianity).

Gay rights advocates have called Schofeild homophobic, citing Scripture passages that call for acceptance and tolerance.
Shame on the cowardly activists calling everyone who disagrees with their view "homophobic" and even more shame on the uneducated liberal who wrote that article as if the Bible taught anything resembling what the left calls "acceptance" and "tolerance". Here's a hint: try reading something before commenting on it and (as an Anglican who'd be turning in his grave if he knew where some of his fellow Anglicans have ended up - CS Lewis said) "If you cant understand books written for adults then you shouldnt talk about them"

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