Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Europe in the Post Christian Era

Catholic World News recently reported another alarming trend in what was once a great center for orthodox Christianity. As the nations of Europe continue to secularize, those who once sent missionaries and evangelists into distant nations may soon become recipients of the faithful who are spreading the gospel.

The survey showed a steep decline in the number of French people identifying themselves as Catholics: from 80% just 15 years ago to just over one-half-- 51%-- today.
And in case some of you think the "progressive" spirit (yes lower case s) in the Catholic Chuch is harmless, here is what it ultimately leads to:
More remarkable, only half of the self-identified Catholics say that they believe in God.
Moral decline in the Church always seems to lead to first denying the ressurection of Christ or the divinity of Christ, but eventually the complete denial of God's existence. Christianity is reduced to a social identity rather than Truth. To paraphrase Saint Paul (with a bit of liberty), "If Christ didn't raise from the dead then we're a bunch of idiots". Most pitiful of all, are those who openly claim that He didnt rise yet still consider themselves Christian. (The name John Dominic Crossan comes to mind).


NotMyOpinion30 said...

Typically, it's never good to believe polls. Especially when they are polls that have anything to do with the Church. I'd have to hear what the word is from a native French Catholic.

France hasn't been a Catholic country since the Freemason led Revolution of 1789. They sealed France's fate when they deposed their buddy Napolean, who, after he had declared himself Emperor, realized the stability that the Church provided in society and re-opened the door to Her... on his terms of course.

I probably wouldn't be so quick to judge European countries without taking a long hard look at our own. At least their Liturgy is still intact, for the most part.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

I know most people have a distrust for statistics. I work with statistics a lot so I can verify...they're not always right.. But most of the time they are (thats the nature of the game). I have no distrust for statistics, only for statisticians.

Im not saying America is the shining beacon of the world by any means. And I'm not contrasting the two countries.

Now Ive never been to Europe so I cant state first hand that these things are happening. In some way I cant even vouch that Europe is a real place having never been there. But I got a pretty good idea that it is, and a pretty good idea that there is gross secularization there as well.

All I'm saying is that what's happening in Europe is happening here too I just think they are few years ahead of us.

I read an interesting article once, I cant remember where.. It said that the advantage Europe has over America is that it was orthodox before it secularized. America was never orthodox to begin with so when we secularize, its gonna be bad news. America is still highly Christian except for a few regions.

NotMyOpinion30 said...

I've lived in Ireland for two years and make trips back there whenever I can. Yes, they are slipping into apostacy, but I can tell you that it would be a mistake to judge them coming from America. There are shrines of the Mother of God everywhere, stations of the Cross, Roman Catholic churches everywhere, and most people are fallen-away Catholics that still have a chance of returning to the Catholic Church.

I was only in Italy for 10 days so I can't give a very good account of how things are over there. But, I didn't witness the apostacy on the level of what our media likes to portray.

I'm not trying to argue with you but, basically, we live in a glass house. It isn't wise to cast stones when we live in glass houses.

We may be a Christian country, but we are a confused Christian country at best. Like you said, they were orthodox before they fell away, we may be comfortable but we were never orthodox nor do we even know what orthodox is like. At least the orthodoxy will still be there when they decide to come back. What's worse?

We have alot of rebel bishops in the USCCB that do their best to ignore the Pope. Besides the SSPX I don't hear much of that happening in Europe.