Sunday, January 14, 2007

Margaret Sanger Would Be Proud

I ran across this disturbing article a couple days ago just running a little late in posting it. Both American & Canadian gynecologists are now recommending that all pregnant women receive screening to make sure they don't have a child with down syndrome.

“Yes, it's going to lead to more termination, but it's going to be fair to these women who are 24 who say, 'How come I have to raise an infant with Down's syndrome, whereas my cousin who was 35 didn't have to?’”
Same old song and dance. How is this going to be fair to the murdered infants? The liberal agenda rears its ugly head again. Ever since Margaret Sanger, the promiscuity industry has been focused on making the murder of infants as acceptable as possible. This recommendation isn't going to be beneficial to anyone! The only possible outcome of it is more death & less so-called "un desirables" in society.


Tiber Jumper said...

If Sarah and Abraham, or Elizabeth and Zechariah were around today, they would be discouraged from having their baby due to the "high risk" pregnancy.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Good point.

I've often wondered about some of these so called "Christians" who are pro-abortion. I'd like to ask them, how about in the case of Mary? Would it have been wrong for Mary to commit an abortion? I dont think any honest person could say no. Then again, I dont think any honest person would be pro-abortion to begin with.

mike said...

Thanks for the post. I hope you can make it to the March for Life next week. With God's help, we pulled the world out of this mess once before. It can happen again.

Amber said...

This will only make things worse, since abortion increases the likelihood of birth defects and problems in future pregnancies... provided one is even able to conceive at all after their abortion.


NotMyOpinion30 said...

Wow! Those are some evil words to be putting into the mouth of a hypothetical 24-year-old woman.