Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Fruits of the European Apostasy

Here is yet another example of the secularization that is happening in Europe and which the American left would love to happen here in the US. Much to the contrary of Richard Dawkins and his followers (who claim that religion is the cause of evil and abandoning it would make the world a better place): this is what happens when true religion is abandoned:

While organizations that help pregnant women in Spain are being denied funding, last November the Socialist government approved a grant of $3.8 million to the United Nations Population Fund, with over $1 million going directly to “reproductive health programs” that provide equipment and funding for abortion services even in countries where abortion is illegal.

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NotMyOpinion30 said...

How did Planned Parenthood get their start? Hasn't the government provided them funds? Doesn't our government ensure that children are taught sex education in junior high and high school? Aren't there Planned Parenthood pamphlets in public high school nurse offices. Don't public elementary schools carry books that educate young children on homosexuality? Isn't our government approving embryonic stem cell research and legalizing same sex unions? Haven't some states legalized partial-birth abortions? How many American children have been murdered by abortion since the start of the Iraq war? Are we any better than they are?