Monday, January 22, 2007

Pro Life Tags In Chicago

A federal judge has recently allowed license plates with the motto "Choose Life" on them. Some of the leftists are getting pretty upset that conservatives have first amendment rights.

A federal judge ordered state officials Monday to offer license plates with the motto "Choose Life," saying that the message, considered by some to be anti-abortion, is protected by the First Amendment.
Uhm, yes anything that promotes life is anti-abortion. Thats sort of the nature of the debate. Life or death. Thank you captain obvious.

Democratic state Rep. Lou Lang said Monday he believes the message was designed to campaign for a ban on abortions.

"The anti-choice folks will look for any edge they can find to push their agenda," Lang said.

My first reaction was to laugh. It's really pathetic to see the left try and demonize someone who is pro-life. The fact that most pro-life activists are women (many of whom have aborted babies in the past) disproves the whole 'womens rights' argument... and as far as choice...even mentioning that word in the debate instantly identifies you as a complete moron. (You can make an argument for the right to abortion, but there arent any reasonable arguments which have anything to do with "choice").

The leftists are so unbelievably hypocritical it's mind boggling. Just take some of the secularist's favorite 'virtues' - "express yourself" and "everyone has a right to express their own opinion" and we have to be tolerant of others right... just as long as they believe exactly like we do.


NotMyOpinion30 said...

My question is, how did anti-abortion become a bad word? I've noticed it being used in a condescending tone in several articles recently. I don't understand the logic... does not compute.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Exactly. To disagree with the pro-life argument is one thing, but to try and demonize its proponents as if they had malicious intent... What the heck?

How do these people take themselves seriously?!