Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spina Bifida Baby to be Aborted if not Adopted

I am reprinting this (without permission but Im sure they wont mind) from a comment I saw on Curt Jester's recent post. Hopefully this message can reach the right person.

As we reflect this month on 34 years of abortion under Roe, our friends at Hope for Orphans remind us that behind every abortion is a very real struggle between life and death. They have again asked for our help in finding a forever home for a baby in need.

A crisis pregnancy center in Toronto has been assisting a mom who is expecting twins next month. Recently she found out, that one of the babies (a boy) has Spina Bifida. This is a birth defect in which the spinal cord has not developed properly. According to the doctors this little unborn child's condition is severe. He is probably paralyzed from the waist down and will need a shunt because of hydrocephali (water on
the brain).

The Mother cannot face this challenge and is booked to have a selective abortion of the spina bifida child in a few weeks.

The pregnancy center feels that if they can offer this mom a promise that a family will adopt the handicapped child she will carry him to term.

If you or someone you know would be willing and able to provide a home to this baby in need, please reply ASAP for more information.

(972) 790-9044
Thank you and God bless you,
Kyleen Wright, president
Texans for Life Coalition

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