Saturday, January 06, 2007

With Catholics Like These Who Needs Atheists?

Reuters says that Catholics are the largest religious group in congress now as Catholic World News Reports.

The results of a survey by Americans for Religious Liberty showed that largest religious blocs in Congress were Catholics (with 155 members), Baptists (67), Methodists (61), Presbyterians (44), and Jews (43).
Ok so that means that no less than 370 congress members should be adamantly anti-abortion. We all know that isn't so. Folks, when you vote in dishonest politicians you forfeit the right to complain about them lying... about ANYTHING.

Faithful Catholics need to put pressure on bishops and on politicians to send very clear messages that we Catholics are against abortion. We need more Catholic leaders like Pope Clement VII who excommunicated King Henry VIII when he insisted on committing adultery. I am thankful to be in a diocese with an orthodox bishop who signed a letter saying that politicians who supported abortion should not be allowed to participate in the holy sacrament.

First and foremost... Pray!


Amber said...

It's really sad that more people don't stand up for the sanctity of human life. It's an area where relativism runs rampant at the cost innocent lives.

Many poticians will claim, "I am pro-life myself BUT I don't want to take away someone else's right to choose." The problem here, is this thinking takes away the baby's right to choose.

Great post... we should pray for the conviction of heart for all politicians of faith...

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

You're exactly right Amber. I sincerely believe that God is calling former Protestants like you and I and many others I know into the true Church for the purpose (among others) of returning the Church to Orthodoxy and strengthening her moral values.

We must not stand by idly while the Church goes to ruin. Many are trying to destroy it from the inside out and these false Catholics defiling the name of Christ's Church aren't helping the situation either. Anyway, I dont know why I'm still blogging at 2 AM. Guess I'm going to the late mass tomorrow er today!

Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!