Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crisis in the Liturgy

Catholic World News reports on a recent statement from a Vatican official:

“Undoubtedly there have been positive results” from the post-concilar liturgical renewal, the Sri Lankan prelate told interview Anthony Valle. But he quickly added that “the negative effects seem to have been greater, causing much disorientation in our ranks.”

Pope Benedict fully recognizes the crisis in the liturgy, the archbishop says, and the time has now come “with the help of the Lord to make the necessary corrections.”
Thats awesome. Coming to the Catholic Church has been like coming from a diet of milk and having my first taste of prime rib tossed my way. Of course, this is only to learn that the chunks of prime rib are sparse since Vatican II and you'll be getting a steady dose of milk here as well.

Don't get me wrong, the liturgy of a Catholic Mass still makes the others pale in comparison but much unintended change has occurred since Vatican II (to the delight of the enemies of the Church within her own walls posing as theologians).

Some parishes are much better than others. And I've always said, you're either part of the problem or part of the solution. A group of guys and I are starting a sacred music choir which we hope will help add more reverence to the mass. Until we get some clear directions from the Vatican (and even after we do), I think some real grass-root movements are needed to help renew the spirit of the liturgy. Here's a great link on the topic of sacred music (including a pdf download on how to start your own 'garage schola') Thanks to Chad Is Not Enough for the link.

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