Thursday, February 22, 2007

Holy Water & Holding Hands

Recently, PhatCatholic posted on the removal of holy water during lent. I read this in a few other places as well. It's really upsetting to learn that liturgical norms are being issued yet liberal parishes under the influence of VII hippies are ignoring them. Is it such a big deal that holy water is being removed? Is the holy water itself what the issue is about?

Read this post on the forum from my parish (we were discussing the fact that we were told by our bishop not to hold hands during the 'Our Father' yet our clergy continue to do it and so do our parishioners):

I just finished reading all these posts and quite honestly, it saddens me. There is so much going on within the Church and the world and the ways that we need to reach out and put our faith into action. And poverty, discrimination, abortion, social injustice, to name a few go on and I hear nothing about how you can put your faith into action for offer suggestions as to putting these into practice. All I hear is "don't hold hands,""don't renew marriage vows", "don't do this or that." How sad. I am sure the priests and deacons at St. Thomas have more important things to worry about with 2,000+ families and the struggles, crises, sacramental preparation and sicknesses that are plaguing so many and this you see as a priority. Maybe their priority should be to teach charity. Doesn't seem to be too much of that in here. There is the letter and the spirit. I think our priests and deacons are concerned with the spirit, following the words of Jesus. Let's have a discussion on how we actually put our faith into action -- live the Gospel.
If this man / woman had been around at the time he/ she would have asked "oh whats the big deal about Cain's sacrifice?! The important thing is that he sacrificed to begin with" or during Jesus' day "oh whats the big deal whether or not the cleansed leper goes and shows himself to the priest and offers the sacrifice for his cleansing? The important thing is that he gave God the glory".

The big deal is that Jesus commanded him to do it just like the bishop commanded our parishioners not to hold hands. The early Church fathers (particularly Ignatius whom I recently examined here) were adamante about the importance of obedience and unity.

This is a classic example of completely missing the point of the 'letter vs. spirit' teaching. If you act in direct disobedience to the bishop, you are not by any means following the spirit of the law!!!

The other posters in the forum did a good job exposing the fallacy of his / her logic so I dont need to reproduce that here.


Anonymous said...

This is tangential to your main point (which is a good one), but I kinda wonder what the rationale was behind the bishop's decision. Any idea?

Chad Toney said...

Our parish doesn't hold hands. And before I came into the Church, I know our pastor even instructed his flock to keep the sign of peace brief and reverent. (only go to the left and the right).

When I'm in parishes that do hold hands, I don't. During Mass, I usually keep my hands in "prayer form" the entire time anyway and I don't change that for the Our Father.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

David, thats a good question. NotMyOpinion who posts here frequently told me that he told someone about the bishop's instructions and they reacted "but I like holding hands".

I have to admit, I liked it too when I first came to the Church. I felt it was a neat sign of community. But then I learned we're not supposed to do it, I had to quit. Its not about my personal preference.

This guy says it much better than I could.

Chad, I observed a lector / extra ordinary minister of communion / cantor who assists the Cathedral in Charlotte every day at daily mass holding that pose during the mass at all times. I was impressed by his reverence and now I have started doing that as well.

Theres no act of (proper) reverence or contrition that takes away from the liturgy. Glad to hear that your Church is being reverent. It's up to each individual Catholic to start making some waves and getting the Church back to her purpose. We have the right pope to do it. Lets get to work!

phatcatholic said...

Thanks for linking to my blog!