Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Morality In Politics

I was a little disillusioned on my recent trip to LA while having dinner with 5 other Christians and learning of their political hopes for the upcoming election.

One endorsed Hillary Clinton and another Giuliani saying he might "unite the country". I explained that both of these candidates were adamantly pro-abortion and no 'culture of death' politician will ever unite this country as long as there are considerable numbers with moral values.

Though seeing so-called Christians placing no value on morality whatsoever made me wonder how many are still left in this country who do place any importance on moral values. My point was completely overlooked as if it were of no consequence at all.

So after the customary round of Bush bashing, Iraq bashing and global warming punditry they changed the topic. I'd like to say I'm back in NC where at least some people have their heads on straight but... not every there was a Californian.

I came back to read the headline of this article, "Woman, unborn child die after wreck". How come when it's an outside force causing the death, the liberals call it a child or baby but when the mother murders it, we refer to it as a 'fetus'? (And trust me Charlotte Observer is very liberal though they seem to have shifted ever so slightly to the right since Knight Rider sold them).

In other news: Margaret Sanger would sure be proud of the abortion industry today. At least so says Day Gardner president of the National Black Pro-Life Union.

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