Thursday, February 08, 2007

Protestants, Sola Scriptura and Dave Armstrong

Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong had, IMO a brilliant idea. If the early Church fathers can be grossly taken out of context in an attempt to show that any of them believed something resembling what the reformers did, why not his own work?

In this light, Dave's statements seem to be stronger evidence in support of sola scriptura than many of the early Church fathers' quotes which are routinely taken out of context. Only problem is, Dave is still alive and can readily defend himself. And of course, he openly denies sola scriptura.

Just an excerpt:

It is good to read the Bible, because it is God's inspired revelation to mankind.

That it is a good thing to read the Bible more, and a lot, as a bare proposition, is indisputable, . . .

I would say, furthermore, that - all things being equal - it would be a better thing to read the Bible without "outside" guidance, than to not read it.

The Bible is God's very inspired words. How, then, can any Christian, NOT be passionately interested in it?

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Jeffrey Smith said...

About a quarter of a century ago, I knew a Presbyterian minister who always said a lack of context is a pretext for a proof text. Keep up the good work.