Thursday, February 01, 2007

Secularism Versus Religion

Here's an interesting article on the positive effects of religion. All of the findings are of course, common sense; i.e. you didn't need a scientific study to prove these things. To anyone who it's not already plainly obvious that from a factual standpoint, religion causes far more good than bad, these findings probably wont be convincing. They (Richard Dawkins for example) hold to their own "non falsifiable" superstition that religion is evil.

Now some religions are perpetually guilty of terrible things and guilty without condemning those things. We all know which one I'm talking about. However, to lump Christianity in with those religions is pure intellectual fraud. But that's not all the secularists are doing. They dont merely lump Christianity in with evil religions, but they pretend as though Christianity were leading the charge of war, violence and other evils. (Nevermind the fact that it is completely contradictory to their world view to even call these things bad) It simply isn't true.

Christianity doesnt have a spotless history, but if you compare it to any other large group of peoples in history religious or non religious, well its virtually blameless.

This says nothing of the many great things Christianity has done for the world. The good works of all other religions and peoples combined throughout history pale in comparison. Yet I am amazed at how blissfully ignorant people are on that topic. I've seen some argue that undeniable fact. But its not worth arguing someone about it; it would be like arguing with an 8 year old about which country had more people in it: Cuba or China. The child may stubbornly insist "Oh no, I've been to Cuba there are people everywhere! There are so many people you wouldn't believe it." Which he may not have malicious intent but he's just painfully wrong and there's probably no way to convince him otherwise. Its the same with secularists who try to deny the good caused by Christianity.

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