Friday, March 02, 2007

Billionaire Leaves Fortune to the Poor

This story gave me chills. I wish I had this kind of faith.

Nassiri, who was raised in Iran but moved to the US, made a large fortune in a designer-clothing and music production business based in Las Vegas before converting to the Catholic faith. He has spent months traveling the world, on his own “peace tour,” and now says that he wants to leave his entire fortune to the poor in order to become a Franciscan.
One of the priests at my parish has a similar story. He was also a very succesful businessman (and millionaire) who left his fortune to become a Capuchin (with a vow of poverty).

And the reason why this billionaire's selfless giving is far superior to Warren Buffet's recent well publicized donation to the Gates Foundation is that Nassiri's giving is going to eliminate poverty and not the poor (by means of abortion and other 'culture of death' practices financially supported by the Gates Foundation, United Way and a host of other 'charities').


Amber said...

Awesome story!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, giving your money to the poor, unless you do it really carefully, is likely to be only a temporary fix. I applaud the intention, I just hope he does it in an effective way.