Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brownback - Moral Integrity & Courage

If we don't get Brownback in the whitehouse next year (which we probably wont), I hope we get someone like him. While the frauds in the national media have been barking their normal hypocrisy "that guy doesnt agree with our opinions therefore he's a bigot!", it's refreshing to hear that at least ONE person with a potential to run for presidency has some sort of moral compass. From this article:

"I do not believe being a homosexual is immoral, but I do believe homosexual acts are. I'm a Catholic and the church has clear teachings on this."
Awesome! Now surely the leftists wouldn't deny his right to have moral standards... Oh wait, they've already denied Pace's why should Brownback's be any different?

I'd vote for this guy regardless of what platform he ran on. I hope we Catholics can vote for an actual Catholic this year instead of a fraud like Kerry.

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