Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cardinal George - Dont Deny Communion?

I found this article very disturbing and I hope that what the Cardinal said is not true.

As far as criticizing priests who give communion to pro-choice politicians, "maybe you should talk to Pope Benedict XVI, who gives communion to the pro-choice prime minister of Italy. You have to look at a lot of things. It's not all that simple.
I dont see what could be any simpler - some politicians actively campaign to make it easier for women to commit infanticide and yet call themselves Catholic. They objectively defile the Body and Blood every time they receive and do damage to their own souls. The Church is here to protect the souls, not to allow sinners to persist in their evil ways.

I just heard an awesome homily at our parish today by a guest priest. I hope we can find more priests and bishops willing to actively and unwaveringly denounce the many evils of the culture of death.


Johnny Vino said...

I understand the reticence of Cardinal George to allow the Eucharist to be perceived as a political tool. He had no problem turning away the Rainbow people a couple years ago for attempting to use the Eucharist to make a political statement, so I think that's where his concern lies.

To me anyway, it's less about a specific denial of communion then it is about the need for Bishops to show courage in "naming names". If you publicly denounce the votes/actions of Catholics in political office as horribly guilty of contributing to the destruction of human life they likely would not feel "in communion" with the Church and either repent or stay away.

The problem with that is the shortage of spines among the shepherds, as well as the convoluted culture of "seamless garment" ethics. The latter has totally poisoned all rational attempts to focus the faithful on the true heirarchy whichs exists in social justice concerns. The "preferential option for the poor" certainly starts with those whose humanity is denied and whose right to exist is legally rejected.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

Well, I dont like the idea of "lets not talk politics" or "this isnt political" as if the political world can be separated from the rest of the world as an entirely self contained enterprise.

I think its an important for our perspective to keep in mind that so called 'separation of Church & state' is an idea that only extends back a couple hundred years as NT Wright points out many times.

While you're right, it would be wrong to deny communion for mere 'political' reasons, I'm not suggesting we do so. We should deny the communion on theological grounds.

And you're definitely right about lack of spine in the Church. Lets pray for more leaders willing to stand up to evil and pray for God to give us the courage to do so as well.

Thanks for the comments.