Thursday, March 15, 2007

I See More Miracles Than Thou

What is a miracle? I think Christianity has somewhat forgotten what it means. I love the rampant sentimentalism today that calls everything 'a miracle'. I stood by a couple years ago and overheard one man explain some various things he was struggling with to a pastor. (I wasn't eavesdropping this was done in the open and it wasn't personal) The pastor consoled him, "Don't lose hope, God still does miracles" and the man replied with confidence "Oh I see miracles every day".

So I couldnt help but think to myself, "oh really?" So I wonder, if this guy would have been standing by at the splitting of the Red Sea while scoffing "pfff ..big deal... I see miracles every day!" Somehow I doubt it.

So then when it all boils down, yea we modern day Christians see 'miracles' alright... just not like the ones we read about in Scripture. When the bible talks about miracles, we hear stories not of of unlikely events but of the ground opening up and swallowing false prophets and their followers, plant life on fire but not consumed, people being cured of leprosy and being raised from the dead. Yet, when we talk about it these days, it seems to be... getting to work on time despite waking up late, someone changing their mind and becoming a Christian and basically anything that seems unlikely even in the slightest.

Actually the funny thing is, that to these sentimentalists who seem to be everywhere these days, the less of a thing they call a 'miracle' the more spiritual they think they are.

"I see miracles every day" ... "Oh yea? Well I see miracles every hour" ... "Oh oh oh yea!! Well, everything I see is literally God's miracle of life!"

So by now, we've lost all sense of the word. If a slightly unlikely event is a 'miracle' then who the hell cares about miracles anyway?! Thats the whole point of miracles; they dont usually happen! They're special! (Just like you if you call every little thing 'a miracle' only in a different way).

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