Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Masters of the Faith

Yesterday, Pope Benedict made the following comment in his address on Tertullian:

we continue to talk about the great personalities of the ancient Church: They are masters of the faith for us even today
I also commented recently on the fact that nearly all converts (it seems to me) are converted not by clever rhetoric from learned theologians coming out of the liberal Jesuit-run universities, but by the traditional wisdom from the Church fathers. (I don't know if we can call Tertullian a Church father since he did of course apostatize to the Montanist sect but his orthodox period certainly produced some good stuff).

So next time you're in the book store, pick Chrysostom instead of Sobrino, Augustine instead of Kung and Irenaeus instead of Brown.

Catholic World News reports:
Pope Benedict concluded that even great thinkers must be mindful of their own limitations, or risk losing the perspective that makes their ideas influential. He said: "The essential characteristic of great theologians is the humility to remain with the Church, to accept her weaknesses and their own, because only God is truly holy."
How very true. I hope a lot of Jesuits were listening to that.


japhy said...

I think it's proper to call Tertullian a "Church Father". As the line from Evita goes "I'm still called an Admiral, yet I gave up the sea long ago." ;)

He helped the early Church in a profound way, despite his later apostasy.

Paul said...

Hey Tim,

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