Sunday, May 06, 2007

Should Planned Parenthood Be Forced to Disclose Abortion Info to Parents?

No way! Thats bad for their 810 million dollar a year business. It also flies in the face of the left wing abortion manifesto - every woman regardless of age has an inherent right to an uneducated, completely anonymous and consequence free abortion if the child presents even an inkling of inconvenience. In order to uphold this twisted manifesto, Planned Parenthood has been known to go to extremes. Right now in Ohio, there is a lawsuit underway in which Planned Parenthood is being sued by Life Legal Defense Foundation for the deliberate cover up of the rape of a young teenage girl who was forced by her rapist to have an abortion.

Here's information about that case and other cases they are processing. If you're not actively supporting a pro-life charity, this one is a good candidate I think. But if you don't support this one, please support one somewhere.

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Manda said...

thank you for the charity link. couldn't be a better cause......