Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brownback For President

Brownback is hands down the best serious contender for the presidency. No one else even comes close. There's my endorsement. Hope you take a chance to look at his page and pass it along... especially if you're Christian and especially if you're Catholic.


Monie Willis said...

You are so right. There hasn't been a politician with such dedication to family values and morality in 25 years or better. Sam Brownback represents 100% of my interests as a Christian and as a Republican. May the Lord bless you and Sam Brownback.

undergroundlogician said...


We don't need election year conversions. Go with the man who has the backbone. I know a man who works on the Brownback campaign named Jason Jones. Talk about a warrior!!! Jason went to work for Brownback because of his strong pro-life stance.

We need a strong grass-roots movement to get this man noticed by the people. I think conservatives like me are tired of the blue-bloods giving lipservice in order to gain our vote.

No more Mr. Nice Catholic.

TheGodFearinFiddler said...

I feel confident that if Giuliani is nominated, the same thing will happen with the GOP as last year. - Value voters will stay home or 'throw their vote away' on someone with no real chance of winning. The GOP should have learned their lesson - they need the value voters.

You're definitely right about needing a grass-roots movement. Let's get it started!