Friday, June 08, 2007

Can Atheism Make a Case Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

Recently, I posted a short piece about educating yourself on embryonic stem cell research. Since then, an atheist has been raising some excellent questions about whether or not a case can be made against embryonic stem cell research from an atheistic stand point as well. Give it a look if you get a chance.

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Sonoda said...

[Keep in mind, my religious affiliations and faith aren't bias as to what I'm talking about.]

I think they're able to. Depending on their beliefs/philosiphies in life, morality of course comes into play (I have an atheist friend who discusses animal life with me because she's a vegetarian). I've talked to a few people about this subject and one interesting belief that came was that it would be murder when the heart first beats. This subject deals quite a bit with science in which I'm not a 'genius' at.

I also disagree that the value comes from consciousness though.

For instance, from farmer's point of view, he might value an egg as another chicken; even though it's an egg it will become a chicken one day. And as so, WHY would he even value an egg that would have no consciousness?

Same with the stem cell subject, even though they are embryos they will become humans one day and THAT is where value would come into play. The value that the embryo will become another breathing human being and contribute something to the world.

Though stem cell is used to save lives, it could be looked upon as someone giving up his/her life or "soon to be life" for another but involuntarily. In that aspect, we are denying them their rights as a human being.

Masturbation... now naturally you need an egg to fertilize. Semen alone can't have as much value as embryos whom are ready to become humans. If a man is alone and he masturbates then how is it potential that the sperm will become a human let along an embryo first? But if the man impregnates a woman (as in provided the sperm has eggs to fertilize) then it does have potential.

I would go on about this but I've had insomnia for a while now and I couldn't sleep tonight. I also would've done a better job at writing this but the hours got me... :) you seem like a very interesting person to discuss with. Hope any of this helps. If anything, please contact me on AIM - l3ways2DieSmiLin