Friday, June 08, 2007

Woman Slapped... Sternly on the Wrist For Murdering Her Husband

Maybe in this day in age this kind of thing won't surprise anyone but the Tennessee woman who murdered her husband (preacher) was sentenced to only three years in prison. If that weren't bad enough, she'll be eligible for release in just 7 months.


Gretchen said...

Yeah, it's just insane. It really gives nutty women a license to kill, doesn't it? At least in TN.

Michael said...

And Paris Hilton gets 45 days?! Crazy stuff.

JP Manzi said...

I have been following this since the begining. Coming from the Churches of Christ, as you can imagine this was a big story for this denomination. I am shocked.....shocked.....that this is all she got.

Underground Logician said...

My fear is that there are other woman who being abused in some way, will see murder as a possible way out. Get ready to fill some body bags. God help us!


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